Dave & Briony’s Lakelands Golf Club Wedding – Wedding Venues Gold Coast

A gorgeous ceremony for Dave & Briony’s magical garden wedding at Lakelands golf club, one of the leading wedding venues Gold Coast. Although overcast and windy the day was perfect in everyway. Dave & Briony choose our four post bamboo archway with a touch of luxury, floral train & hanging chandelier. She had a white aisle runner & crystals & orchids to line her aisle as well as our white shepherd hooks with hanging bottles filled with fresh picked flowers. On the signing table there was a fresh bunch of flowers and love letters. Briony also chose our luxury silver tiffany chairs. We were so honoured to be apart of Dave & Briony’s special day at Lakelands Golf Club and work with some of the best in the business Tarnya Bennett (Celebrant) & Van Middelton (Photographer).

bamboo canopy gold coast
bamboo canopy gold coast
Gold Coast wedding venue
Gold Coast wedding venue
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Lakelands golf club wedding
Lakelands golf club
Lakelands golf club
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vintage wedding ideas
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wedding decorator Gold Coast
wedding venues Gold Coast
wedding venues Gold Coast

Beautiful Gold Coast wedding photography by Van Middleton.

wedding photographer Gold Coast
Dave & Briony’s beautiful wedding day
Wedding venue Gold coast
Van Middleton Photography

Congratulations again to the beautiful couple it was an amazing day we will never forget.

Visit our website for further photos of our garden weddings on the Gold Coast.

Wedding Locations Gold Coast

Top Wedding Locations Gold Coast

Find the best hidden spots in this short clip by Circle of Love Gold Coast.

Trying to find that perfect wedding location for your garden or beach wedding on the Gold Coast. Our latest ceremony styling showcases an array of locations that you will love. Where ever you are having your reception on the Gold Coast we can help you find the perfect picturesque ceremony spot. We are there making sure your day is perfect in everyday.

For the top wedding locations Gold Coast Contact us today at- jessica@circleofloveweddings.com.auWedding Locations Gold Coast


Winter Gold Coast Weddings?? Why this is the best time of the year to get married!

We love Winter Gold Coast Weddings at Circle of Love. From the perfect weather to the ideal winter wedding styling. Winter weddings have so much to offer.

Gold Coast weddings, winter wedding, southport wedding
Scott & Alana beautiful Gold Coast winter wedding
Gold Coast weddings, winter wedding, southport wedding
Scott & Alana beautiful Gold Coast winter wedding – Take 2
Gold Coast weddings, winter wedding, southport wedding
Luxury white wedding arch with black & white theme

During the colder months of winter, weddings become less popular but why when winter on the Gold Coast has so much to offer. Apart from a minor drop in temperature there’s little reason to avoid a winter wedding. Here we give you ten great reasons why you should get married in winter.

1. Less chance of rain.

One of the biggest fears brides face is rain on their wedding day. However, during winter in Australia, there is less chance of rain than there is during the popular wedding months.

2. Choice of venue.

There’s no need to wait 12 or even 18 months for your perfect venue to become available. Having a wedding in winter will allow you more flexibility to choose your ideal wedding venue.

3. Good lighting.

Winter provides perfect lighting for photographs and filming, which means you’ll walk away with some beautiful snap shots, minus the squinting and sunburn!

4. Venue and supplier discounts.

Winter is a notoriously slow period for wedding venues and suppliers so they are often more than happy to offer couples a great discount.

5. Flower staying power.

Flowers last longer in the colder weather which means your floral arrangements will maintain their form throughout the big day.

6. Perfect conditions for a lunchtime wedding.

Those perfect, fine, dry days are the perfect ingredients for hosting an outdoor lunchtime wedding ceremony and reception.

7. Boys don’t sweat it.

Your groom and groomsmen are more likely to be comfortable (and sweat-free) in their formal attire during the cooler months.

8. Avoid makeup meltdowns.

The high humidity in the summer months can often cause makeup to melt away before your very eyes. A cooler winter day will leave your face looking fresh and flawless for longer.

9. Ideal tropical honeymoon weather.

Avoid the cyclonic island weather and book your honeymoon on a tropical island in winter!

10. Your choice of dates.

Unlike summer when everyone is rushing to get married, winter opens up a whole lot more choices. Not only will suppliers have more availability in their winter schedule, but so too will your guests.

In general, while winter may be a tad tricky in other countries where snow and blizzards are inevitable, Australia is known for its mild wintery days. So benefit from the low off-season prices and greater options that come with a winter wedding.

Below is some of our gorgeous Winter Gold Coast Weddings in the past years.

burleigh headland wedding, john laws park wedding, winter wedding
A beautiful winter morning for Tony & Christy’s wedding at Burleigh headland
John Laws Park Wedding, john laws park, winter wedding
Chris & Bec’s gorgeous winter John Laws Park Wedding
burleigh headland wedding, john laws park wedding, winter wedding
Christy & Tony’s winter gold coast wedding styling
winter weddings gold coast, winter wedding special gold coast
Chris & Bec’s luxury winter styling
john laws park wedddings, burleigh deck wedding
Chris & Bec’s kiss of a ball
Burleigh Beach Wedding, edding at Burleigh
Winter beach wedding at Burleigh
Kurrawa beach wedding, gold coast weddings
Shannon & Lisa’s winter afternoon wedding at Kurrawa beach
Burleigh Beach weddings, beach wedding gold coast, gold coast beach weddings
Burleigh Beach weddings
Burleigh Beach Weddings
Perfect winter morning for this beautiful beach Gold Coast wedding
Winter wedding colours
Winter wedding colours
Budds beach wedding, godl coast wedding locations
RJ, Tina & James winter Wedding at Budds Beach
budds beach wedding, garden wedding gold coast
RJ, Tina & James Wedding


Gold Coast Wedding Venue

Robina Woods Wedding Ceremony, Gold Coast Weddings Venues

Having your Ceremony and Reception in the same place

I am an avid supporter of wedding ceremonies and the reception being held in the same place for a number of reasons:

  • Its easy for the Bride and Groom: If you are having a civil ceremony outside the church it can be daunting and frustrating finding the right park, beach, location for the ceremony.  Having your ceremony at the reception venue involves less planning and no having to deal with the council. Plus the day will seem much more enjoyable if you are not racing to get to the ceremony, moving off to the photography location and then back to the reception!  You can maximize the time with your guests and enjoying the whole experience.
  • Its easy for the guests: It can be a long day for the guests too, so it is more convenient if they only have to go to one location.  Also, that awkward 3 hour wait between ceremony and reception can mean that guests don’t know what to do with themselves.  This can also deter people from coming to the ceremony and simply arriving to the reception (which is just bad etiquette in my book!).
  • Save costs and time: You will save costs on car hire and permits by having your ceremony at the reception venue.  Most venues will provide a discounted package price if you have your ceremony  with them too.
  • Drinks and Nibbles: The one thing people always comment on regarding weddings is the food and drink!  And I agree, I think it is important to keep guests watered and fed – full guests are happy guests.   Everyone loves a champers and canapé or three!  You don’t want your guests having a sneaky Big Mac before the reception because they are starving.  Plus this keeps the guests busy while you are having your photos done.

Things to take into consideration when choosing your Gold Coast Wedding venue for ceremony & reception:

  • Does the venue offer a ceremony location and does it suit your needs ie size and style
  • Does the venue offer a wet weather contingency for the ceremony?
  • Can the venue provide post ceremony Champagne and canapés?
  • Is there space on the grounds or near the venue to take your wedding photos?
  • Is there ample parking?
  • Can the venue provide you with the décor – if not you know who to call!

There is a great selection of Gold Coast Wedding Venue that can accommodate both ceremonies and receptions.  Feel free to drop me a line if you need a recommendation!



Gold Coast Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Our latest Gold Coast Wedding Ceremony ideas showcasing the latest modern, chic fashion styling for wedding ceremonies around Australia. This picturesque Gold Coast wedding ceremony was pictured at at one of the most famous Gold Coast wedding locations Burleigh Headlands also known as John Laws Park. Jody & Brad’s wedding captured the essence of beauty on the Gold Coast as well as showcasing our brand new acrylic columns. The alter was styled with a luxury single white archway, hanging crystals & two clear columns with diamante band around them & orange calla lily arrangements inside as well as green calla lily arrangements on top of the divine pillars. The aisle styling included white Americana chairs, scattered white rose petals with clear cylinder vases & calla lily arrangements lining the aisle. To add that extra unique touch we placed meaningful words at the bases of the vases.

Burleigh Headland Wedding

Burleigh Headland Wedding

wedding venue gold coast

Acrylic Columns with silk flowers – wedding venue gold coast

wedding hire gold coast

john laws weddings

gold coast wedding

aisle styling

aisle styling – Glass vases with silk flowers

wedding ideas

wedding ideas

Burleigh Headland Wedding

Burleigh Headland Wedding

Love our unique style & love for what we do? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation with our wedding coordinator at her local studio.

Jessica Murphy – 0434 644 238 – jessica@circleofloveweddings.com.au



Gold Coast Wedding Venues – The Glades Golf Course

We recently styled Luke & Katrina’s beautiful garden wedding at one of the top Gold Coast Wedding Venues, ‘The Glades Golf Course in Robina’. It was a picturesque day with the gorgeous surroundings of trees, water & beautiful landscapes. Luke & Katrina choose our Secret Garden Gold Coast Wedding Package which included our luxury single white archway draped in white chiffon, crystals & hanging teardrops. They also had white columns with our signature crystal vases with orchids. The aisle was lined with silver tiffany chairs, white rose kissing balls & lined with a white carpet & white rose petals. The carpet was sectioned off with our handmade, ‘Here Comes the Bride’ sign. Luke & Katrina also choose our signature water stations for this hot autumn day and welcomed their guest with a rustic welcome easel. The day could of not been more perfect in anyway.

Let us know what you think??

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Glades Wedding, The Glades Golf Course Wedding, Gold Coast Wedding Venues

Glades Golf Course wedding, Weddings Gold Coast, Weddings on the Gold CoastWedding Venues Gold Coast

Need help finding the perfect Gold Coast Wedding Venues, contact us today at jessica@circleofloveweddings.com.au. We would be more then happy to help make your day perfect in every way.